The Porvoo English Playschool (PEP) is a non-profit association of parents dedicated to giving children a healthy childhood. PEP provides an exclusive early childhood education through whole language learning: play, theatre, sports, music, toy sharing, art, craft, science and nature. Here children develop their English skills while learning about themselves and the world around them.                        

The Porvoo English Playschool - making a difference one child at a time.


PEP News!

Little baby, girl swimming under water in paddling pool. diving baby. learning infant child to swim. enjoy of swimming and bubbles.

  • Fri 2.12 Teddybears and Tigers  Swimming
  • Tu 7.12 at 6pm 

"Christmas Tresure"

New year snow balls realistic glass festive spheres 3d baubles with snowflakes winter decor xmas transparent balloon hanging on gold ribbon render graphic vector holiday toys set


Is your child 2-8 years old? Then you will certainly find a suitable group. Our nursery and reception groups are Pandas (2-3yrs) and Teddybears (4-5yrs). We also have an afterschool group Tigers (6-7yrs) and the following English clubs: The English Club Beginners (4-8yrs) and The English Club Beginners II (4-8yrs).

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Porvoo English Playschool uses early total language immersion. In the early total language immersion method of teaching the child's daily educational experience is carried out entirely in English.

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A Sample Week

Every week we offer an interesting and instructive program for our children. There are stories, art and music activities, sports and of course time for play!

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