Nursery and reception groups

Pandas (2-3yrs)

Teddybears (4-5yrs)

Preschool and Afterschool group

Tigers (6-7yrs)



The English Club


Nursery group (Pandas), age 2

  • 9 h (7:00-17:00) includes breakfast, lunch and snack (5 days)
  • 9 h (7:00-17:00) includes breakfast, lunch and snack (4 days)


Your child's first rich English experience begins at age 2 (3) in the Nursery group at The Porvoo English Playschool. Their adventure begins with language immersion through daily routines, music, rhymes, stories, craft, small group teaching and most importantly through play. Pandas learn how to be a member of a group, to make new friends and to share. Their individuality is supported with age appropriate activities which also help them to build their vocabulary. In addition, the second year children help the new children to get used to the language. The Pandas' learning experiences are based on a monthly and a weekly theme. Thematic words are taught and reinforced during that week and beyond. For the nursery group , this learning through play, and receiving enough time, space and support all help ro provide a safe and secure environment for each child to grow as an individual and a responsible member of their community.


Reception group (Teddybears), ages 4-5
• 9 h (7:00-17:00) includes breakfast, lunch and snack (5 days)
• 9 h (7:00-17:00) includes breakfast, lunch and snack (4 days) 

Children continue after  the Nursery group (the Pandas) and/or begin in the Reception group (the Teddybears) at the age of 4 or 5. Like the Nursery group, the Reception group teachers use only english when communicating with the children, and the children are encouraged to use their english in practice. The daily routines as well as the lessons and activities encourage the children to experience the world around them by using all their senses; looking, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching and this helps them to build their vocabulary. In many activities we divide the group into two smaller groups in order to give more attention to each child. Smaller groups give the children a better chance to concentrate on their own work and learning. The second year children also "help" new children to get used to the language. Teddybears are taught basic values like accepting differences, taking others into consideration and good manners. And like the Nursery group, free play is an essential part of the Reception group's daily schedule as it provides a natural way to develop their social as well as other skills.


Preschool and Afterschool groups (Tigers), ages 6-7

• Preschool group (7:00-17:00) includes breakfast, lunch and snack 
• Preschool Afterschool group (12:30-17:00) includes snack

Our Preschool group follows the same preschool targets and curriculum guidelines as the communal pre-school in the Finnish language. There is an emphasis on English both in the daily routines and weekly themes.  Our afternoon group begins right after preschool and provides activities for preschoolers in an English speaking environment. New pre-schoolers generally  have very basic skills in English; for example, greetings: "Hello" and "Goodbye!" or slogans they have heard via travel or the media. Our weekly themes and activities which consist of  different kinds of project work (theatre, science, robotics), as well as arts and craft, music (rhymes, songs, dance), sport and free play -- all help them to develop their English skills. We also spend time playing outside every day. Our teachers speak only English with the children and encourage them to use their newly acquired English.

Please note that the children who attended our Playschool groups before pre-school are in the first position when applying for the preschool and afternoon groups.



The English Club for children age 7 

The English Club begins in mid-August, and takes place weekly on Wednesday evenings from 16:30-17:30 for 2 terms--Autumn and Spring.  This club is for children with a little or no knowledge of English interested in developing their English skills. The children follow a main theme each term and Songs, Arts and Crafts and games introduce new English words which help to develop and maintain their English.

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