The Curriculum and Our Goals and Values

While our pedagogical goals include learning English skills, supporting healthy cognitive and physical growth, encouraging good communication, good manners, and creativity--we also nurture the whole development of the child.


We believe in:

  • Family support
    PEP encourages the active participation of parents in family events such as Mother's and Father's Day celebrations, Christmas and Spring programmes.

  • Community awareness
    At PEP children can see art exhibitions or attend musicals, or play in the Muumi Park, but they can also visit the veteran's home at Christmas to give the gift of songs or hugs.

  • The Importance of Play not only programme
    PEP children learn through play, have space to play and time to play!

  • Honouring Values and Traditions
    PEP celebrates and attends Christmas and Easter programmes at the Porvoon Tuomiokirkko. The children also learn an English grace to give thanks before meals. They are taught to respect the Finnish flag. And stories with morals or values are taught if related to the theme. For example, during Friendship week and our Valentine's Day pajama party, one of the themes is: "Love is Kind" and children are encouraged to find creative ways to show kindness to their playmates.

  • Understanding and Respecting the Differences in the World Around Us
    In this effort, PEP may invite guests from different cultures to share something that celebrates their culture. A guest from Congo may visit to teach drums, from Chile to teach dance, Australia to show how to play a diggeridoo, or a fireman from Kent to share about fire safety in England.

  • Understanding and Respecting that Each Child is Individual and Unique
    Children learn differently, at different paces and have different interests. Some children like to play shopping and dress up, others prefer cuddling for a story with pillows, still others try to put the legs back on insects. PEP encourages each child to share his own special contribution to the group and celebrates each effort.

Overall, the PEP concept of a whole learning experience provides a good foundation for each child's individual development and future.

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